Rollers are compositions of one tube with one or more plugs that are connected with each other through welding (Laser, TIG or MIG/MAG), adhesive bonding, pressing, heating or crimping. This guarantees a strong and light construction. Subsequently these rollers are further processed into finished products through turning, milling and grinding operations. Rollers consisting of a tube with a bearing-mounted shaft are also part of our options.


We can provide steel rollers, stainless steel rollers, aluminium rollers and other materials like Carbon Fibre (CFC rollers). A combination of various materials is also possible. As a result, further weight saving or wear resistance with retention of functionality is possible.


Our industrial rollers are used in all market segments of the manufacturing industry. All rollers can be provided with surface treatments, heat treatments and coatings.


For specific market segments we can provide assembled rubber rollers or rollers with plastic rings. In addition, we also purchase parts on our rollers such as bearings, gears, drums or DIN standard parts.