About us

Core-TeQ is a leading producer of high-quality shafts, rollers and cylindrical parts for various market segments of the manufacturing industry. The products of Core-TeQ are used in the Printing industry (plotters, copiers, scanner and folding machines) but also in markets like the Textile industry, Food & beverage, Agriculture, Logistics Handling systems, Packaging industry, Automotive, Electro motors, Solar industry,  General Engineering and many other markets across the entire world. 


Together with our customers, we constantly seek for the most cost-effective solutions in order to stay true to our slogan “Supporting Your Core Business”. The strength of Core-TeQ lies in our years of experience, a team of specialists, state-of-the-art production tools and a network of selected suppliers. An important quality aspect is the innovation of production processes and products. Core-TeQ is constantly working on the renewal of its machine park and the flexibility and automation of the production lines and processes. This is reflected in the presence of high-tech machines such as, among others, our CNC laser welding machine and various robots. These permanent innovative developments enable us to produce in a more efficient and effective way and at a higher quality level.


Core-TeQ provides in our mission to discover, understand, anticipate, solve and satisfy customers. Key priorities are high quality, lead time, flexibility, innovation, development and cost control.